Super Focused on Running Away

I have been so busy because I am working on three of the five final films!

“Super People” is written by my roommate Asha Michelle Wilson so that’s awesome and it’s really funny. I’ve been running sound for that and seeing it all come together is great. Not to mention the great spandex-y costumes for the cast! Making the men look super fly.

“Focus” is really short on dialogue but the visuals look AMAZING! I just came from a meeting to view some raw footage and I am so impressed with what we captured. For this film I am doing art direction/costuming/set design. There were a lot of props written in the script so look out for some good stuff.

“Runaway” is the thriller of the group and I am also doing art direction/costuming/set design for this short. The crew is fantastic and even though we met at the North Clubhouse at 5:15 AM, that’s right AM and it was the earliest I have been up for anything probably ever we had a great experience out on the road for six hours. Our six-year old talent gave me a “beautiful” make-over in the process. We made it a marathon day of “Runaway” with that shoot in the morning, a glorious lunch at Panera, a crew retreat to our apartments for naps an, a reunion in the afternoon for a shoot in the woods, then dinner at Big Mamma and Pappa’s Pizzeria, which is delicious. It was the best day of shooting of my life.

Here are the links to the Facebook groups for all three films and I can’t wait to see the final products!


Super People



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