A Day In The Life

Even before entering The Price Is Right lot in Hollywood, it was clear our group didn’t necessarily fit into the “ordinary” category of game show contenders. We weren’t all wearing matching shirts professing our love to Drew Carey, and it was clear we weren’t exactly the target audience. (As I for one have only seen the show enough to know the basic, and I mean basic, premise of the game).

Even looking past the debacle of slightly underestimating the length of the taping, it’s exciting to acknowledge the prospect of appearing as an audience member of a game show, especially one so renowned as The Price Is Right.

As we were all interviewed before the actual taping, by what must have been Drew Carey’s stunt double, I crossed my fingers hoping one of us would be selected to “Come On Down!” So imagine the look of my face (or just witness it for yourself on Decemeber 15th) when George Gray called my name, and I was thrust to the podium, realizing I know absolutely nothing about how much pool tables cost. Apparently, I overestimated just a tad. And although I left mostly empty handed (with the promise of my very own embroidery kit! and some sort of lighting gift certificate in the mail), I can honestly say my stint on The Price Is Right is a memory I will never forget.



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