JusCollege and The White Panda

One of my duties at JusCollege this summer was to blog once a week. My blog topics ranged from ways to save money in Vegas to advice on relationships and working out. If you want to check out any of my blogs, or other bloggers at JusCollege, go to: http://blog.juscollege.com/

Our latest blog, written by COO Bo Thede, was on the first ever White Panda music video that JusCollege helped produce. If you want to read the blog go to the website above.

Check out the video:

“The White Panda, an up-and-coming mashup duo out of Chicago and Los Angeles, is quickly taking over the music scene. Today, JusCollege is excited to announce the release of the first-ever White Panda music video, “Lazerblow (Ke$ha // Coyote Kisses).”


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