A Chance at TV

Last week, Taylor and I had a knock on our door.  It was two people from Jay Leno saying they were going to be shooting music video parodies in our area the following week and wanted to know if we were interested.  Obviously, we said yes, and had our hopes up for the following week.  Tuesday came, the supposed day of filming.  We knew the general time of when they would be in the area, but we understood that they went to other apartments as well so our chances were pretty slim.  At 6:30 though, I look out my window because a flash of white hair passes down the staircase right next to our balcony.  It was Jay Leno with about 10 crew members in tail hauling equipment.  Our apartment buzzed to life in excitement thinking they were coming to us.  The apartment was quickly straightened up and we waited.  And waited.  About thirty minutes later we saw Leno and crew walking up the staircase out of the building, they had passed us.  It was very disappointing but the minutes where we thought we’d be on TV were awesome.


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