Runaway-A Shoot I’ll Never Forget


Today is the day of the screenings for all of the films, and as I wake up, I’m filled with both excitement and nerves to see my LA acting debut hit the big screen. Reflecting back, though, I loved every aspect of being involved in Runaway, from the audition to talking to the editors as they made their final touch-ups. I was really blessed to be working with a fantastic team of people who were passionate and excited to make this film, and I completely trusted Chris and Will every day of filming. This was, by far, the most fun I’ve had on a film shoot to date, and everything ran really smoothly for the most part.

A few shout outs: Claire was an amazing Producer, and took care of everything that needed to be done, even when she had to leave us for a couple of days, and I really appreciate her for that. Brittany kept things light on set and did a great job of working with the DP and Director to secure the art direction, make-up and kraft services for the film. Chris was a very easy Director to work with because he knew what he wanted but also allowed the actors the freedom to make their own choices to get the best result. Will was the most dedicated DP I’ve ever worked with on a shoot and was willing to do pretty much anything to get the shot, even if that meant lying in the dirt with ants or combating oncoming cars in the middle of the road (or garage). Jenna, girl, you did a great job holding that boom, arms of steel! The PR team, Katie, Kiersten, Brian, you guys were amazing at putting all of this together and advertising our movie, you rock! By the way, I’m still waiting for the cardboard cut-outs haha. And finally, to Chris Floyd, I really love the story you had to tell, it’s because of you that I ever became interested and passionate in being a part of this film, so thank you so much. I hope when you see the screening tonight that I do your character of Val justice. I love all of you guys, thanks for an experience I’ll never forget!


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