LA in 50 Words (ish)

I hopped off the plane at LAX, with a dream but no cardigan.

Ready for my life and what comes next, eager to jump in.

Elon in LA, headed West for the first time.

The second day, climbed up to the Hollywood sign.

Worked at Stein Entertainment, saw some people that were famous.

I had a great time and I never once felt homesick

Made some memories and some movies

Worked on a film called “Runaway” and I got my kidnap on.

And I got my kidnap on, and I got my kidnap on.


Yeah I toured some backlots, laughed all night long, and acted like everyday

Went on the Price is Right, walked on the pier at night

And I went to Grauman’s, the midnight premiere, and cried at HP part 2

I loved spending my summer with you.

Thank you J, for making my dreams come true.



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