VIP Access @ XGames

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I think most people generally know what the XGames are all about. XTREME SPORTS, of course!  Thanks to one of our recent Elon alumni, Joey Accordino, my roommate David Gwynn and I were giving two free tickets to the XGames in downtown Los Angeles this past Saturday.  Joey was recently hired by ESPN after graduating this May.  He was temporarily in LA this past week to work on the XGames.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Joey who immediately took us to the bottom of the Staples Center where all the moto x bikers were hanging out with their bikes.  Tattoos, flat brimmed hats, energy drinks…you get the vibe. We sat and watched the women’s moto x event, which was awesome being in an indoor arena watching girls shred over these humongous mounds of dirt while smelling that wonderful smell of moto gas!

Afterwards, Joey showed us the passageway that connected the Staples Center with the Nokia Theatre so that we could check out the other events during the night, which happened to be the skateboarding vert ramp competition featuring the famous American snowboarder and Olympic gold-medalist Shaun White or as some call him the flying tomato.  Joey took us straight back to a VIP pass only area where all the family and friends of the skaters were watching the competition…directly next to the ramp.  Shaun White, Bob Burnquist and other famous skaters I’m familiar with through playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on N64 were within yards of where David and I were standing.  After watching those skaters make their sport look so easy, we went back to the Staples Center to watch the final event of the evening, the men’s moto x competition.  It was incredible how high these guys were flying off the ramps.  It was the Speed & Style event where they were obviously scored on those two categories.

Check out some the photos I took throughout the evening:


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