The Beginning Of A New Adventure

After one week in Los Angeles, the reality of the real world has actually hit me.  Most of us who attend Elon have been so fortunate with everything our families have been able to give us and it is difficult to think about having to operate in our own separate worlds and enter into a new socioeconomic class. For the most part, we have comfortably existed within our subjective situations and have not pushed ourselves to truly view the world objectively. It has been so surreal being directly in the midst of the excitement and allure of Hollywood; however, the brutal truths of reality are always within immediate eyesight. Because of how fortunate so many of us have been growing up, I think we have taken for granted an assumed trajectory towards success. Especially here, fame and fortune both have the potential to be waiting directly around the corner for anyone, but I have realized just how small my life’s course is in perspective to the rest of the human network. Generally, most people are trying to support themselves to the best of their ability and it is scary to see homeless people walking the streets searching in the garbage as a Range Rover drives by. I have always had so many interests and after studying abroad in Ghana this past January, sitting in a classroom setting did not seem to stimulate my creativity and passions and did not seem to be as fulfilling as I previously had experienced. Before coming to Los Angeles I was mentally unprepared and was uncertain of how my relationships would develop with my peers. I have found that what I give to other people I will generally receive in return and I have been extremely fortunate to have met great people so far on this trip. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to try something new outside of my major and to be living and experiencing life as I would be living it post-college.

“Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless, and don’t be sorry.” – Jack Kerouac


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