Taking On a New City

Two weeks have gone by in this amazing city, and I already feel as if I have been here far longer. I seemed to have mastered my navigating around this enormous city, acclimated to the time change, and mastered a routine daily schedule. Not to mention I have already done some pretty awesome things. My internship at Fifteen Minutes PR has been even more mind-blowingly phenomenal than expected. The location, the employees, the clients, and everything else about it almost seem to perfect; but hey, I’m not complaining. Two weeks there as an intern and I have already gotten to meet some quite amazing, and good looking, people (you can be the judge). But all kidding aside, this experience has already been more than I could have ever asked for. I pictured myself living and working in Los Angeles from a young age, and it is extremely fulfilling to finally see that dream become a reality.

Visiting Los Angeles and the surrounding area a few times before, I definitely felt I had an advantage coming in. I knew more or less what to expect of the people, the lifestyle, the food, and the daunting traffic. All of which are things that I think make this city so amazing. Okay, maybe the traffic is not the best, but it gives me time to reflect on my day and relax. I look forward to leaving work each day, plugging in my iPod, listening to a new 8tracks playlist, and just remembering how lucky and happy I am to be having this experience. Elon offers some pretty awesome opportunities. I can’t begin to think and realize how lucky I am to be a part of this one…

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