The Prologue

I am thrilled to be one of the first posts for Elon in LA Summer of 2012 (<— and maybe the last!!). I decided that my first blog entry would be about what happened before we got here because I think it says a lot about what will happen in the weeks to come. I have been looking forward to this summer since the moment I heard about “Elon in LA” and I think I realized it would be one of the best summers of my life when I began planning it with my best friend Dylan Moon.  We decided we were going to take on an endeavor that most great Americans have achieved: Dylan Moon, one of my closest companions, Luke Gunn, my future roommate and long lost soulmate, and I were going to road trip across the United States of America.  However, I’m sure they are going to tell you their own stories about our truly memorable vacation, so I will tell you but ONE little happening.  As a requirement for any American BROad Trip, we made a stop in Arizona to see one of the World Wonders, the Grand Canyon.  While we were there I made a friend… as I tend to do WHEREVER I go.  I was joking and laughing about the unbelievably concentrated amount of asians that were in the particular lookout when I felt a fragile hand grab my arm. I turned to find a (I think he was) Japanese man who I thought wanted directions or something, but his daughter (I’m assuming) told me he wanted a picture with me.

We look like we could be related

Now I’ve been to China many times before and the same thing happened to me all the time there, and I have many theories as to why this happens… although I’m pretty sure this will explain it…

There just aren’t as many fat guys in the far East.


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