FremantleMedia: the giant no one knows about

Before I first contacted FremantleMedia about a possible internship, I did a quick internet search to see what they’d done.  It turns out quite a lot.  They produce some of America’s favorite gameshow/reality programming, including American Idol and America’s Got Talent, among many others.  I thought to myself, “Okay.  Casual.”  The best part was getting a call back from the development department at Fremantle for an internship.  I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Now that I’m here, my excitement has mellowed a bit, but it is still very cool to see new and upcoming shows before anyone else.  Shows like the recently debuted Take Me Out.  I’ve also gotten to work on reality programs being pitched to giants like TLC, ABC, and MTV.  Fremantle specializes in developing reality-based/documentary television.  Unlike “popular programs” like Jersey Shore, Fremantle seeks out new, fresh, and untried ideas that haven’t yet been seen by viewing audiences, which I both enjoy and respect.  It makes working on these concepts a lot easier because I can support them.

One of the perks that I enjoy is working on shows that I can’t talk about in public because they haven’t been picked up yet.  It makes me feel like a secret operative from Burn Notice or something.  It’s great being surrounded by other Elon in LA students so that I’m not alone in my secret missions.


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