The Cinnamon Challenge: All in a Day’s Work

Having been at our internship for just over two weeks, Gaby, Suzanne and I have only taken part in 2 live shows. This clip is part of some of the extra footage we filmed following all the LIVE action of last weeks What’s Trending show. Our guests and “contestants” were GloZell, Jason Mewes, Freddie Wong, and Branson Laatsch, along with  our host Shira Lazar.

There is absolutely a ton to be said for the excitement of live television (or livestream internet TV) but this moment was unique because everyone got to relax for a second and really have fun with each other. There was not the same level of anxiety or necessary silence. Everyone who had come to the show to support the guests were able to come up to the studio and enjoy the entertainment of watching people choke on cinnamon. The dynamic of the environment changed dramatically and it was an interesting new experience for us interns who have mostly been concerned with making sure all goes well while the cameras are rolling…live.

Thus far this internship has been a great experience, and I am looking forward for all the progress that can be made by myself, my fellow interns, and this company. There will absolutely be more amusing, embarrassing, intriguing, intelligent, and unintelligent videos to come so please keep up with our YouTube page (whatstrending) or website (!

What’s Trending Cinnamon Challenge

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