What’s Trending: My home away from home

After working for two weeks at What’s Trending, a live web-based show with a whopping 10 person staff, I have met a group of great people who I am starting to see as a dynamic and quirky family.  Sure, it was slightly intimidating at first, like any internship would be, but now that we’re all warmed up and see each other for most of the week, it’s been lots of fun!  My favorite part is that I get to experience my What’s Trending journey with Elon’s Tina and Suzanne, and get to “bro it out” with our staff either during a set or at lunch.  Side Note: Everyone go to FukuBurger (they’ve got this “crack sauce” that’s to die for) and The Velvet Margarita (the inside looks like something Ozzy Osbourne would live in)…AVOID Big Wangs, trust me, it’s terrible…don’t even know why we went to a place called Big Wangs…

We’ve met stars such as Glozell, Jason Mewes, Janina Gavankar, Cody Simpson, Diddy’s son Quincy Combs, Quddus, and Jared Leto (drool) and have helped with the creative process of the live show.  It’s also cool that I’ve learned so much about social media and how much it influences the entertainment biz.  I look forward to working every day (especially Wednesdays when we go live!). 



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