Getting a Foothold

Welcome to LA! its been a fun and exciting couple of weeks so far, with much more to follow. The travel out here wasn’t the smoothest, but we got here safe and sound. Bobby and I got stranded in the 110 degree heat of phoenix for an extra three hours because of a late takeoff. But all that aside it was a pretty smooth trip!

So far my internship has been really great. The studio is licensed by Hollywood Records; Disney’s record label. There have been a couple of moderately famous people there (not at liberty to say who) and I have met several high ups in the disney A&R department. The really great part about it has been the cover industry. What does that mean? it means that the studio is one of the hubs for the very popular youtube cover business. Young singer-songwriters cover other artists songs and hire the studio to re-produce the tracks. As a result I’ve been able to see songs like ET, Domino, Call Me Maybe and other Top 40 hits re-made layer by layer. Here is an example of the work.

I’m looking forward to what the summer has to offer, and glad to be sharing this experience with such great people!


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