Sticking With It!

A recent trip to Malibu, CA!

The longer I am here in LA, the more I love it. Coming into this trip I truly did not know anyone and I have begun to develop some really great friendships. It is so surprising to me just how readily we are to judge other people on their exteriors and how much this prevents us from getting to know people. As the weeks progress, I have started to interact with new people as a result of the various projects that are assigned and I really find it fascinating to listen to everyone’s passions and interests. Back at school I probably would have never met the girls I am rooming with because we are in extremely diverse majors, but I am so happy we did because we truly have so much in common and I am learning a lot about myself from them.

Yesterday was our third time meeting for class out here in LA at the Howard Fine Studio. This was also my second time acting… ever! Yesterday we performed our monologues in front of the Production class while they served as our directors and got some practice using the cameras. I always think I am prepared to go up and say my lines, but when I get in front of everyone my mind goes completely blank and my focus becomes oriented towards remembering the words instead of portraying the character. Although I know I can be hard on myself about it, I am really proud of myself for throwing myself into a completely new world, in which my peers are so comfortable, and for sticking with it.

Today I had a chance to meet up with a friend who I just learned was living in Los Angeles for the summer as well. We went to Kabuki in Hollywood and we had the BEST sushi I’ve had in a long time! It was great to see a familiar face from home and to slow down for a bit. LA is always ‘go, go, go’ so I have found it is important to set some time aside for myself to do what I enjoy. One of the girls in my sorority just moved out here and arrived at the beginning of the week, so I am excited to have the chance to see her soon too!

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