My First Professional Shoots

My internship with More Media kicked off this summer with a few very exciting opportunities. On the first day I got to observe a professional interview with Olympic water polo player, Tony Azevedo, for an internet web series called “Qualified.” For the producers on set, it was a basic shoot but for me it was rather elaborate. They had four huge lights set up, two on Tony and two on the blank white background, as well as two Canon 5d’s to edit with multiple angles. This shoot hasn’t been put on the internet yet, but the most recent episode of “Qualified” can be viewed below:

Two weeks later I was given the opportunity to be a Production Assistant on a music video. I would rather be safe than sorry so I won’t reveal the artist’s name given I signed a confidentiality agreement. But what I can say is the shoot was more elaborate than the interview with Tony, however my supervisor still labeled it as “low budget.” I was assigned to the grip department where I was kept busy for the entire 14 hour shoot. It was exhausting but I felt I made a significant contribution to the production and would gladly hop aboard the next shoot. The key grip, who I was working under, told me he used to be the key grip for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I suspect he saw a little bit of himself in me because when I told him I was a Cinema major he told me all about his failed attempt to finish film school. Before I left he made sure to give me his information and told me to call him if I was interested in working for him or if I ever need help with a project. Networking is easy!


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