No longer an outsider

“Are we considered tourists?” I asked my new roommates as we drove through Highland & Hollywood Blvd, the very intersection we were told to avoid at all costs. It was our second day in LA, and a difficult question to answer. We certainly didn’t want to associate ourselves with the endless herds of people wandering aimlessly around our rental car. We weren’t outsiders like them. But at the same time, we felt a bit out of place.

Three weeks later, that feeling has completely gone away. Now LA natives, we’ve adapted to not only the city, but also each other. Being the only student who isn’t from Elon University, I was worried about being the “outsider” among a large group of established friends. All I can say is that everything I feared turned out to be not a big deal. In fact, everything about this program is absolutely incredible. (So, future student from a non-Elon University school who is doing research on last year’s program… just do it. I promise you’ll love it.)

My internship at Trailer Park (inconveniently located at LA tourist central: Hollywood & Highland) is going very well. While I wish it was a bit more hands on, I’m still gaining a ton of valuable insight from editors, AEs, sound mixers, and many other employees in this incredibly diverse marketing/branding company. Every day is something new, and I love walking around the company meeting new people and learning new things. I also love looking down (from 12 floors up) and laughing at all the tourists strolling around the Chinese Theater taking pictures with various costumed movie/tv characters.

And I love knowing that I’m no longer one of them.

(here are some photos from my 3/5/7 project)

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