Art in the Sky

Since I walked in the door on the first day of my internship at the LA Style House, I have been thinking, living, and breathing the Art in the Sky art exhibit and fashion showcase we put on, on June 20th. The event finally came and went last night and I can officially say that all of the hard work and preparation paid off. It was more than exciting to oversee such an amazing event from start to finish, and to be able to say that I played a large role in planning the entire evening.

Art in the Sky took place at 1010 Wilshire on the rooftop terrace of the building. The event allowed for fashion designers to showcase their newest collections and certain artists from within the Los Angeles community were able to display their artwork. Over 300 industry guests we invited and were able to view all of these collections, while enjoying complimentary drinks (Monster Energy and Pinnacle Vodka were two of our sponsors) and panoramic views of Los Angeles. Not only was it an amazing environment to be in, especially during my 3rd week in Los Angeles, but also an opportunity to meet multiple different people from rap artists and producers, to magazine editors and fashion models.

The event was an amazing taste of what Los Angeles has to offer & something tells me that I wont want to leave this city on August 5th.


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