Making Connections

I have been at my internship for month and I am having a lot of fun. I am interning at Bogner Entertainment, which is a production company of FremantleMedia.   I am editing sizzle reels and doing casting.  I have even come up with a new possible show that I will be casting myself, so hopefully I do a good job, so a network will pick it up!  We have a lot of interns at my internship, so I was worried that the work load would decrease, but I was very wrong about that.  I am still very busy.  Today, was a bit exciting for me.  I had lunch with a family friend who works at Trailer Park.  Her and her fiancee both work there and she has been working there for about 5 years.  She is the person that does all the extras and behind scene footage on DVDs.  She works with more of the television side (Bones, Supernatural, Gossip Girls) of Trailer Park. Her fiancee is an editor and I hopefully I can maybe shadow him one day or just talk to him about his career, since I want to go into editing one day.  I got a lot of advice today.


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