Oaks to Oakwood

My apartment at the Oaks, where a piece of my heart remains, had sliding mirrors for closet doors. After co-habitating in virtually the space of a tool shed freshman year, I cherished that closet and those mirror doors like no other. Okay, maybe I get a little vain sometimes and like looking at myself in a full-length frame. At least I’m honest.

Across country, in the seemingly notorious Oakwood Apartments, I immediately noticed sliding mirror closet doors in my bedroom. I stood and looked at myself, suitcases in tow. Yes, now I’m going to make this into a metaphor.
Before coming to LA, I spent weeks researching the area and the entertainment industry. Everything seemed so foreign, so modern, advanced, competitive. Despite my intimidation, I deemed my participation in Elon in LA as a journey of self-determination…I may or may not have also looked at myself in a street puddle, as Derek Zoolander did, and asked innocently, “Who am I?”


After nearly three weeks in Los Angeles, I’ve found I may never really understand myself, but at least I’m learning and am not the 350-pound man riding down Sunset on a bicycle…wearing only a red thong. Already, my internship has helped me grow to become more independent and understanding of the public relations industry. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but the textbooks are correct- PR isn’t as glamorous as everyone thinks.
I look at myself much differently in the Oakwood mirrors than those at the Oaks. Through this experience, I’m getting older, smarter, more confident, (“harder, better, faster, stronger”) so LA, prepare yourself.

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