Driving Miss Molly

ImageI may be a woman, but despite the stereotype, I am a pretty excellent driver. No speeding tickets, no accidents, no shell-shocked passengers. Everyone warned me that driving in LA was crazy, so I prepared for the worst. It turns out, the driving is pretty bad. After driving in Chicago, I am used to the aggressive driving required in cities, but drivers in LA don’t seem to acknowledge the existence of turn signals. I drove behind a cop today who changed lanes three times and turned with absolutely no warning. Not cool.

But at least I have my little blue car. Thankfully it’s small enough that when other cars try to drive into it, I can usually swerve out of the way. It’s also good for parking, because the spaces here are tiny, and I often have to parallel park (my biggest driving weakness). What’s not good for parking? The complete lack of a turning radius. The first few weeks here, parking was a group effort, with everyone in the car telling me when to go forward, reverse, left, or right, until I completed a 26-point turn to make it into the space. I went to Porto’s Bakery & Cafe for the first time this week, and never in my life had I been so excited to see slanted parking spaces.

Oh, and the other tiny downside to my light blue Nissan Versa? There are about 7 other people at Oakwood and a million other people in LA who have the same car. I have unwittingly tried to break into the wrong car about 10 times, thinking it was mine.


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