2012 A Broad Trip: The Actor’s Pilgrimage

Everyone knows that if you want to pursue a career in the film industry then you had better get to Los Angeles. So that’s exactly what we set out to do. With my trusty friends Sean Liang and Dylan Moon, we began our week long drive across the country to get a taste of that glamorous life in the big city.

Our journey could not have gone smoother. My perception of America is so different now than it was before. Flying in a plane across the country doesn’t give you the opportunity to see the geography change (almost instantly) when you cross a state line, or to see that each state has its own culture. Even learning that your preconceived notions of a state can be completely false. Take Oklahoma for example.

Before this pilgrimage, I imagined Oklahoma as a Dust Bowl-esque wasteland (sorry Oklahoma) . Not only was Oklahoma gorgeous and green, but it had a ton of stuff to do in the city! Among the numerous attractions of Oklahoma City there is one that I won’t soon forget…in both a good and a bad way. Pop’s. Pop’s in a gigantic gas station and soda emporium. I say ’emporium’ because the word ‘shop’ doesn’t quite do it justice.

Only in America

There are hundreds of flavors of carbonated stuff there, from your casual mainstream sodas like Dr. Pepper, to some of the more…novelty brands. Enter Bacon Soda.

My heart leapt with joy at the site of this soda. How exciting! Where else could you encounter such a thing. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was begging me to buy it. So I did. We gathered in the picnic area behind the emporium and took stock of all our hilarious and delicious soda. Bacon had to be the first to pass around. Upon opening the bottle, my senses were horrified. I wasn’t exaggerating when I described the concoction as burnt bacon mixed with sour liquor. Everyone else’s horrified expressions after smelling it confirmed that this had to be the worst idea ever.

“Hey, Dylan! Check out this bacon-flovored soda! We totally have to drink this!”

The taste would be more painful if there wasn’t something in the soda that literally numbs your mouth. Ignoring my extreme desire to chuck the bacon soda in the nearest trash can, I finished the poison.

This is a story of  bonding through a disaster. In the magical dusk in a beautiful field outside of Oklahoma City we all drank some bacon-flavored soda and hated it. Together.


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