Big Boy Decisions

If you below my post, you will see a happy blog entry about a boy and having his childhood dream fulfilled by seeing Morgan Freeman at a taping of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Well this story isn’t as happy. Little do you all know, my pal Michael wouldn’t have had this dream come true if it wasn’t for me. When i first got to LA is signed up for a bunch of television tapings. However, when I started my internship, I realized I wouldn’t be able to go to this taping, so I gave the tickets to Michael. The day or two before the show we realized that Freeman would be the guest, and my heart dropped. He’s one of my favorite actors, and from there I tried to find any way to getting out of work.

Maybe I could ask my supervisor for a day off. I doubt it, I hadn’t been on the job very long. Could you blame me for wanting to skip out on work. I couldn’t believe that work out of all things was keeping me from seeing the man who has played God, a prisoner, and Ms. Daisy’s driver. So unfortunately I went to work and I made the best out of it. This was a pretty hard task seeing as I was missing one of the coolest opportunities.

The solem view from my desk

But at the end of the day I realized that it may gave been a good thing that I went to work. After a while I realized that sometimes crappy situations arise, and as young adults we have to play with the cards we were dealt. Next time I’ll get tickets for a day I don’t work


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