Connecting and Applying


Me and Lou Ferrigno @ Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, CA

This week was absolutely incredible. It began when I conducted my very casual interview at my internship site for my case study. What I was only going to have last ten minutes or so ended up spanning thirty minutes of in depth conversation about their company and an added field trip to their prospective new office space. Since I have been at FanManager, the company has been undergoing a complete transformation and will most likely be expanding in the near future. The four full-time guys who work there were answering my questions before I asked them and were giving me such honest and sincere answers. That experience helped me to understand them so much more and I really think they respected the interest taken toward getting to know them and their company better. I drove home after that day was over and could feel the effects of that conversation through my body because so many pieces of advice they had to say resonated so profoundly with my life.

I have been training with a Turkish bodybuilder during the week at the LA Fitness in Universal City and then on the weekends at the Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. He is training for his next bodybuilding competition at the end of July, so I am doing his same prep workouts and meeting a ton of amateur and pro bodybuilders. People who are so dedicated to health and fitness fascinate me because it is so easy to be negatively influenced by other people. Every time I go to the Venice Gold’s (The Mecca of Bodybuilding) to workout, I know I am with other people who are intensely serious about training their bodies and minds and it is an incredibly inspirational place. The walls are covered with pictures of Mr. and Miss Universe and Mr. and Miss Olympia going back multiple years and there are giant television screens replaying bodybuilding competitions. There are such a wide variety of people who go there, but the pros are easy to spot because they have coaches directing them with their posing in front of the mirrors and camera crews with them shoot pictures. I am pretty sure I was in the background of someone’s shoot this past weekend. Because this gym is very well known a lot of celebrities still go here to work out. This Saturday I saw Lou Ferrigno (Mr. Universe/The Original Hulk) and got my picture with him after getting to talk to him briefly. He is really a nice guy and is so inspiring. I have been on such a rush ever since then.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

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