Good Conversation

I had a nice conversation with an undisclosed Warner Bros. Records executive on Friday and while he made it clear that he “wasn’t exactly sure how I ended up in his office” he was nice enough not to kick me out. He eventually invited me to stay and we ended up talking for an hour or so about a lot of things, but what I remember the most was what he said about personalities and the different types of people in the world. He said there’s two types of people looking for work: people who want to work in the entertainment business and people who want to have jobs. He said if you want to make it in this business that you have to be able to hustle your way to the top, and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want. When he first started at Warner he went up to the head of the A&R department who wasn’t listening to him so he decided to “take initiative” as he put it. He was telling the A&R rep to sign an act that he didn’t want to, and when he realized that the he was being ignored he went upstairs and plopped himself down on his boss’s desk. He asked him if he was making him uncomfortable, and the A&R said “yes, very” to which he replied “it’s making me very uncomfortable that the competition is going to sign these guys when we knew about them before.” Needless to say, two weeks later the band was signed for a few million dollars. And sometimes that’s how business gets done.


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