My Day With Morgan Freeman

I’ve never been more excited in my life than the moment I found out I would get to see Morgan Freeman in person. The man is a legend and a gifted actor. Now many people in the program knows I am a huge Morgan Freeman fan, basically because I do nothing but Morgan Freeman impressions all the time. (Watch David Tregde’s monologue project, you’ll hear it in the first 10 seconds.)  So therefore it was nothing short of kismet that I got free tickets to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson with special guest… Morgan Freeman.

<—– That is how it felt when I found out I was going to see Morgan Freeman.

Luckily it was my day off of my internship so I got to go. I took three other students with me to be a part of this glorious moment. The show began with a comedian to get us ready to laugh and prepare us for the show. Then came out Craig Ferguson himself who performed the funniest monologue I’ve seen on Late Night Television. Then after some more goofs and gags, the time had come. “Ladies and Gentleman, please give it up for MORGAN FREEMAN!!”

My hopes and aspirations were not only met, but also exceeded. Being in the same room with such a Hollywood Legend was my favorite moment so far in the program. It further aspired me to work as hard as I can to become successful in the Entertainment Industry. That way I can hire Morgan Freeman to be in all of my films.

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