Guest Speaker: Kristen Hall

This week at the PR class we had Kristen Hall from CBS. She talked about her job as a publicist on TV shows like NCIS Los Angeles. I have always been intrigued about publicity and TV networks, and after her talk, I discovered that is a possible career choice for me. I felt that TV publicity is something I could do, whether it was back home or here in the states.

Kristen Hall taught me various things that I didn’t know before.  She told us about bookings and the stress it brings because each shows demands something different. That was something very useful, especially because I wondered if Panama had things like that. Kristen also talked about the importance of social media. She said that if she wanted to get an unknown actor to a talk show, she would use their social media as an advantage. Using the number of fans is a way to grab the attention of shows, because as she said, it is not about the person itself, it is about the ratings. In the end that is true. Networks, today, are mostly concerned about ratings rather than what they put up.

However, a publicist is not just about getting bookings and sending things to the media. It is much more. The publicist knows the shows from beginning to end. They get to know the cast and crew very well. They know the schedule of everyone, the script, filming times etc. In a way they know every move of everybody in set. That was amazing. This was a good thing to know for our final project.

Kristen Hall

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