New Perception on Modeling

                   It is in the Fit Modeling division of Mavrick Artists Agency that I have learned the most, even though I came into my internship expecting to focus on just theatrical and commercial casting. “Fit” models are basically human mannequins, which clothing designers and brand name companies tailor their clothes to. The models test the clothing for each size’s fit and movement, serving as a better body model than a plastic figurine.

            I first started working with Fit modeling when my co-worker Penny Middlemiss asked, between Sean Liang and me, who had the best fashion sense. She was clearly joking, but from that moment of her choosing me as her assistant, I started to develop a new sense of self- confidence. As I work under her every Thursday, I am learning more about the modeling business and more about perception of beauty. Hollywood’s perception and my own perception. I have always been under the impression that modeling was reserved for size 0, towering, flawless beauties. But, I have learned that the most sought after model in Fit is naturally beautiful, real, and a size 6.  It makes the immense challenge of achieving success as an actress in such an image-based, turbulent business seem more attainable. That reassurance, along with Penny’s confidence in my maturity and drive means so much to me. I have also started to catch on to her sharp, innate analysis of size, type, and personality. Penny has influenced me with her invaluable knowledge of the entertainment industry and her subtle encouragement of my own career. I am so glad to have this opportunity to spend time assisting such an accomplished, sweet woman who is giving me such insight into the world I wish to be a part of. 


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