The BROad Trip: Emu Attack

So one day, Sean, Luke and I decided that instead of flying to Los Angeles, we should use this opportunity to do something we may never get to do again: cross country road trip. We had planned out our stops and were getting ready to depart when J offered to give us a camera for our trip. Knowing that this was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up, we accepted and began to familiarize ourselves with it. We took a little over a week to make it to Los Angeles, stopping at places like Memphis, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. The place that really caught me by surprise though was Oklahoma City.

Until arriving there, the only thing that I knew about OKC was that they had a good basketball team and I was really surprised at how much there was to do. Andrew Keeler housed us and served as our host for the day. He took us to a great used music store, a place called “pops” where you can find every soda imaginable, and, of course, a drive through zoo. I have never experienced a drive through zoo before and it was as much fun as I hoped. We decided to film our first encounter with the Emus of the zoo so we hope you enjoy!


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