The Getty Center

I have been to a lot museums in the last couple of years, mostly in Boston and New York. Because these museums are in North East, they are completely in side, making them dark and dreary. When I arrived at the Getty, my perceptions of museums were completely turned on their head. The Getty is laid out like a mansion compound with beautiful gardens and beautiful architecture.

Panorama of the Getty Gardens

The museum is so huge that we only had time to see a couple of exhibits. Last summer, I got really interested in Impressionism and the Getty was able to satisfy my love of Impressionism. With a room full of Monets, Manets, Van Goghs and Degases, I was in Impressionism heaven. The impressionist movement was similar to the french new wave cinema in the fact that a group of artists got together to change the way people viewed a popular art form.

The other exhibit we were able to see was the Herb Ritts exhibit. Ritts worked closely with artists such as Andy Warhol and took cover photos for magazines such as Vogue. His black and white and nude photography was ground breaking in the 1980s and can still be recognized to this day.

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