A week before I headed out for L.A. I was reprimanded by my family for faking sick and skipping my brothers improv show to watch The Bachelorette. It is without a hint of shame I admit that Bachelorette Emily Maynard‘s quest to find true love is the highlight of my Mondays. Never did I think my affinity for guys in cheap suits taking heavily made-up girls on helicopter dates would help me in my professional life. The second day of my internship, still a little shy and very green, I observed from behind my supervisor as footage for a show featuring old Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants was being finalized. As past loves rolled across the screen I couldn’t help but contain my excitement when an old favorite, Kacy B from Tennessee, came into focus. ” That’s Kacy B! ” I exclaimed. The three dudes crowded around the editing computer turned their heads in surprise. ” Me and my friends really liked her, ” I said sheepishly, ” She was really funny and cute. ” A smile washed across my supervisors face, ” Okay let’s feature a little more Kacy B in the next cut. ” I suppose the lesson I took away from that incident is that faking sick to watch the Bachelorette make-out on top of a mountain is always better than supporting my brother’s silly improv troop. So thank you Bachelorette Emily Maynard, without your highly publicized love life I wouldn’t be nearly as cool at work.


The Importance of Loving Emily Maynard

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