Hot Dog On A Stick

Ok, when you think LA what do you think of? Maybe you think celebrities, beaches, pollution, traffic or sunshine. Cool, yea, LA has all of those things, but as I learn more about this city, the more I associate LA with corndogs. Don’t be caught off guard, yes, I am talking about a hotdog dipped and deep fried in cornmeal batter served on a stick. I have grown up with an un-explainable love for corndogs. I tell all of my friends that the perfect home for me would be at a carnival… somewhere with corndogs and my other favorites including kettle corn, funnel cakes and lemonade. I am always sure to get my occasional corndog fix when at Elon by going to either Cookout, Sonic or Red Robin, but LA has introduced me to a corndog specialty… Hot Dog On A Stick. I came across my first HDOS store in Santa Monica. And after some research I learned that this was the FIRST STORE they had ever opened in 1946.


The warm corndog and fresh, lemonade was a heavenly treat as I walked through Santa Monica. I am realizing that HDOS can be found in many LA mall food courts, which for me, could be a bad thing. HDOS completely outdoes any of my typical Elon-corndog spots. Maybe it’s because they pair it with such delectable lemonade, but when I see the elementary colors of red, yellow, and blue (the signature HDOS colors) I can’t resist stopping. New York is known for Pizza, Philadelphia is known for it’s cheesesteaks, and to me, Los Angeles is known for corndogs.


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