One month gone by, One more to go

Coming from the East Coast, all I have ever heard growing up was how much opportunity New York offered. Everyone there is, “New York this, and New York that” but let’s be serious…Los Angeles is where it’s at. The weather (perfect temperature everyday), the location (beach is a hop and a skip away), the people (helllooo celebrities everywhere), the style (fashion, fashion, fashion), the industry (it’s LA, the industry booms here) and last but not least the endless opportunities. Whether it be a new job, the infinite amount of things to do around the city, or the simple pleasure of relaxing on a beach, this city is beyond amazing. These past two weeks I have: seen Katy Perry shut down Hollywood Blvd for a free show at her premiere, taken a spur of the moment trip to Universal Studios, strolled around Melrose Trading Post, seen another taping of Russell Brand’s show BrandX (kind of conflicting with the fact I just saw Katy, but I just can’t choose sides), and eaten at some of the most amazing restaurants. How could it get any better?

I assure you, it will.

Updated: July 8th…Boy was I right.

Many who know me know that I LOVE the 4th of July, and it is the best to celebrate in NJ. Coming out here, my biggest concern, honestly, was that it just wouldn’t be the same as home. Glad to say LA did not disappoint once again. The week would have been awesome solely because it was the 4th, but it continued being more than fun. I stopped by Disney’s California Adventure and enjoyed the day as a little kid again. Now obviously no one likes to wait in lines for 45-60 minutes, but that’s part of the experience right? The excitement of the day didn’t stop there, to my surprise my trip to BrandX Sunday night landed me a TV appearance (my 5 seconds of fame…literally). If that’s not enough my parents arrived Friday. I’ll ask again…could it get any better?

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