Photographing Fireworks for the Fourth

There are just over 100 4th of July celebrations in the Los Angeles area, many of which include FREE fireworks show. And if you wanted to visualize where all these events will take place, KABC-TV has you covered!

A few people in this program, myself included, have expressed interest in not only watching the fireworks show, but photographing it too. If that is something that you’d be interested in, but aren’t sure how to capture clear, vivid pictures of the fireworks displays, here is some valuable, free information. Gawker Media’s technology blog, Gizmodo, has a quick guide on how to effectively use your cellphone to shoot the fireworks.

For the more ambitious individual, Chase Jarvis has a great blog post and video (below) from his creativeLIVE educational series. If you’re unfamiliar with Chase Jarvis…BECOME FAMILIAR WITH HIS WORK. He constantly updates his blog with behind the scenes looks at his work, and hosts the creativeLIVE workshops (also a great FREE tool).

DISCLAIMER: as a Canon owner, I must forewarn  you that Jarvis shoots with Nikon gear almost exclusively, so take that with a grain of salt (if you didn’t find the sarcastic humor in that, disregard it).


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