Foursquare: The creepy but useful app for LA

Yeah I know, Foursquare is pretty dumb and weird since you can see where everyone all times. BUT, hear me out on this one, guys.  There are perks for having this app during your stay in LA! First and most important: the sweet deals you can get at restaurants.  Tons of places have specials on drinks, desserts and even discounts off your whole check.  And who doesn’t love free food?  My favorite check-ins are at The Velvet Margarita, where you can get a free creme-filled churros (which were delicious) and at Kitchen 24, where you get a complimentary homemade cupcake that is practically the size of a small meal. 

The app also has great tips for the places you check into and a solid maps system to help get you to your check-in.  I don’t download many apps on my iPhone, but this one is for sure a keeper.

Image Image

Some of the goodies I’ve received thanks to Foursquare


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