Today I got to interview a theater producer whom I’d only just met minutes before so I was a bit taken aback at his willingness to talk with me! I’ve met a lot of wonderfully talented people since arriving in this city, but never so unexpectedly and with such kind-heartedness. Yesterday I met with a successful playwright named Ralph Tropf and today he invited me to a fundraiser sponsored by Neo Ensemble Theater with whom Ralph has worked with on several occassions. Neo Ensemble Theater is a small and ambitious theater production company in Los Angeles, but has some of the kindest and least intimidating people I’ve met out here. Even though theater is far from my field of general interest, I feel like the people I met today are almost enough to make me consider working with Neo Ensemble. It’s a small production team of roughly 80 people who’ve worked together for years and yet aren’t the least bit opposed to welcoming new actors, writers, and possible directors.
Their new production is called Epic Proportions, and today they hosted a fundraiser to raise money to fund the play at the local Bowling Alley on Honolulu Blvd. I was fortunate enough to meet David St. James, the Art Director for the production give him this brief interview about Neo and the project.


Meet David St. James, Producer of Epic Proportions at Neo Ensemble Theater

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