Be ready because opportunity Does come knocking!

Its been 6 weeks in LA, it seems like yesterday I touched down in Burbank. My internship at ES Audio started out slow, but has not stopped getting better since day one. Many people and even professors have told me “Be ready, cause you will get a chance!” Never has that statement rang truer than last week.

At my internship a client come in to track some 80’s Metal guitar tracks. The drummer & leader of the band came in earlier that day to track his drums parts and then he stuck around to hear the guitarist. No big deal for me, I got to sit in on the session as Donny (the studio owner) engineered the session. It was really fun sitting in the control room as the guitarist warmed up with familiar riffs from White Snake and Journey.  It seemed very standard procedure for me. I sit in a take notes as Donny takes care of the musicians. However today was different, something came up and Donny needed to leave for 5 minuetes. He looked at me and asked “You can handle it right?” In a situation like it was you can’t say no, plus I was confident I could, handle it. So I said “of course” and sat at the board. All I needed to do was press record, thats the way Donny and the band members had previously agreed. Well once Donny left the guitarist started wanting something different done to the tracks he was about to record. I knew what he wanted so I start to make the changes, however that was not what the Drummer wanted to be done. I quickly found myself in a 3 way discussion. The guitarist wanted one thing and the Drummer another. The next five minutes were the longest 5 minutes of my life. I had two people in my ear the entire time, while simultaneously listening to a screaming guitar. It was crazy, but I got through it. Donny came back and took over and said I did a great job, and handled the pressure well.

Since that day, I have now been asked to engineer two upcoming sessions for Donny. I know for sure that if I had not been prepared, and handled that crazy guitar situation, I would not have been asked this week to engineer these upcoming sessions. I am excited and nervous as to what they might hold. However I do know this, Opportunity comes when you least expect it, so be ready when it does.

Here are some pictures of the studio that I’m working in




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