The White Shadows

Last weekend I filmed my freestyle project underneath the Hollywood sign overlooking Downtown Los Angeles. Musicians Bobby Watts and Ben Soldate were kind enough to write an original song and perform it for myself and my two trusty camera operators Dan Griffin and Alex Hadden.

We sat in the hot sun with our scenic background for over an hour shooting take after take to ensure I had enough footage to work with. As Ben and Bobby played, tourists and hikers passing by would stop and listen for a moment before carrying on with their site-seeing and a helicopter would fly overhead every now and again. Not knowing what the laws were about filming under the Hollywood sign, I worried any one of these tourists would call the police on us, or any one of these helicopters would cut us down with machine gun fire.

Luckily, nothing of the sort happened and instead, the only passerby who actually did engaged us brought an uplifting and unexpected note to our sweaty and sun-burned shoot. Holding a microphone-less wind screen for dramatic effect, our new friend improvised lyrics to the instrumental Bobby and Ben wrote in a freestyle of his own. Please enjoy this preview/extra/director’s cut of my Freestyle project featuring The White Shadows playing a cover of “Mountain Top Dreaming,” written by Bobby Watts and Ben Soldate. And stay posted for the real “Mountain Top Dreaming” music video, coming soon to an Internet near you.


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