Tourist for a Day


It’s weird to think that I’ll be leaving Los Angeles in just a few weeks. I feel like there’s so much I haven’t done! I’ve been so busy with my internship at Film Independent and the Los Angeles Film Festival, as well as planning for our film The Third Proposal, that I think I’ve missed out on all the “touristy” things one thinks of when they think of visiting Los Angeles. Good thing our entire class got to take the VIP Tour of Warner Brothers Studios during class. I had a blast walking around the different sets, sound stages, and the museum (the Harry Potter section, of course). The thing I found most surprising was how basic the sets looked. I know that it’s the middle of the summer and not many shows/movies are shooting right now, but it’s amazing how much more professional a house can look with a few props and a little touching up.

I’m looking forward to start shooting our short films this weekend. It will be fun to see my story come to life, and I look forward to working with a bunch of our very own Elon actors!    


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