Bringing the Boom……mic!

So it’s nearing the end of my time in LA. What better way to start these  final weeks then a marathon shooting weekend of student films. Starting Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon I was in non stop motion going from set to set to help in any way I could. I was designated Boom operator in all the films that I worked on. Its very fun being a boom operator. You get to hold an oddly shaped gray fuzz ball feet away from an actors face, and watch them as they try to ignore you inching it closer and closer for that perfect sound spot.

Holding it up is a fun challenge as well, after about a minute into the take your arms quickly start second guessing their stamina, and thats when the ultimate no no in “boom operations” (sounds like a military code name) happens, you start shaking the mic. I was lucky enough to not have many of these happen in shooting, which will definitely please the producers and editors later in the post production process I’m sure.

Another challenge is hiding if you have to be anywhere inside the frame of the shot. Sometimes a shot is so wide you have to hide in frame to ensure great sound. This is where it gets fun, this weekend I have successfully hidden behind extras, chairs, and in some counters. All for the sake of audio. I was glad to do it.  Not only for the sound bites, but for the on set laughs as well. This weekend was definitely one of the busiest, working on the movies Olive, and Adrift. However I wouldn’t change a thing and I would do it again if asked.


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