Getting Ratchet

Will Simon, Alex Hadden and I got ratchet this weekend. After we filmed an awesome interview with our new friend Mann we attended his 21st birthday party and it was a great experience. The R3j3ctz, who you might remember from their smash hit “Cat Daddy” performed on the rooftop while Hadden, Will and I enjoyed the dancing and rapping from our view across the pool. But that’s not all! I got to make a toast at Mann’s party, Hadden was complimented multiple times on his nice shoes, and Will enjoyed the company of some of the music industry’s finest.

I would encourage all of you to get ratchet at one point or another during your time in Los Angeles. It is a tradition deeply rooted in the city’s community and can be done very easily. People get ratchet at most hip-hop events, so check your calendars and see what good shows are coming up! I’d be more than happy to attend one with you.

Note: If you look closely at the photo above you can see both Alex and Will top left.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ratchet

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