Adrift in Los Angeles

Directing actors is one of my semi-secret passions in life. While I enjoy the practical work of editing, sound mixing, and color grading, there’s nothing like getting to work intimately with actors as their characters evolve on set.  Working with stage and screen veteran William Knight was a particular pleasure when we shot Adrift last weekend.  Best known for his voice work in animation and video games, Knight brought an unexpected energy and presence to our set.  His knowledge both in front of and behind the camera helped us to do our jobs better.  When adjustment was necessary, which was rare, he listened intently to what I had to say.  He never talked down to me or the crew, which I found especially refreshing.  In one of the most tense scenes to shoot and watch, Knight and actress Michele Carroll quickly came together as grandfather and granddaughter to deliver powerful performances.  With only a short time together on set, they didn’t have much relationship to work with, but through adjustments and “secrets,” we were able to build a hard-hitting scene.  I hope all our hard work shows when Adrift is released in August.

Here is a behind the scenes teaser from our day of filming.


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