Anime Expo 2012: The Happiest Place on Earth

On Sunday July 1st, Sean, David, and I attended Anime Expo (AX) at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Anime, for those who never watched cartoons, is a Japanese style of animation (anime+tion=animation). AX is the biggest anime convention in North America with a total attendance in the hundreds of thousands. Tons of famous writers, artists, voice actors, and other honored guests meet for four days every year to celebrate their love for cartoons. There’s plenty of swag for the buying and events like video game tournaments, table top card gaming, and even fashion shows. Speaking of fashion, cosplay is a huge element of conventions like this.

Cosplay basically involves dressing up like some sort of cartoon character. We saw people decked out in giant robot suits to fantastical ninja warriors to cat-eared princesses. I myself dressed as a more obscure computer game character. You don’t have to cosplay, but everything is way more hilarious if you do!

Maybe Captain America has an anime series I haven’t heard of. Sean doesn’t care.


“Gundam? Whatevs.”

If Piccolo and I did the fusion dance I assume our new name would be either Piccoluke or Liccolo



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