It’s Not Just Coffee

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I used to think grabbing coffee was just a thing people did to stay awake on a lazy Wednesday, or college students did to use up meal dollars, or Paris Hilton did to attract inexplicable media attention. In a shocking turn of events, I thought wrong.

Grabbing coffee is a great way to stretch your legs, stretch your wallet and of course grow your network. There two great places near the Fremantle office I like to frequent : Priscilla’s and Olive and Thyme. Go to Priscilla’s for the incredible pastries and excellent service. Go to Olive and Thyme if you’re feeling fancy or, in my case, feel like getting yelled at by your mother for spending $5 on coffee. Most of all, just go to coffee and meet the people you work with in a Xerox-free environment. You’d be surprised how quickly bonding over a tasty vanilla skim steamer can turn into a job offer.

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