Witnessing a moment in movie history…The Dark Knight Rises

Last night, I was able to witness what, in my mind, will be considered a defining moment in movie history: seeing one of the first Dark Knight Rises midnight screenings in Los Angeles. After scoring tickets (somewhat last minute) off Fandango at work, I left for the theatre last night, wondering just what to expect from what some critics are now hailing as “Christopher Nolan’s epic masterpiece.” And it was. Oh, if I could only tell you exactly how those words don’t do the film enough justice.

The Dark Knight Rises is not only the end of an amazing Batman series; it’s the end of one of the greatest movie franchises in my lifetime.

Unless you’ve been living in a place similar to the BatCave, you should know the films already: The Dark Knight Rises takes place 8 years after the end in The Dark Knight – crime is practically non-existent in Gotham City (they actually joke about chasing down library book offenders), Batman is still wanted for the murder of Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face), and Bruce Wayne has become a near-broke recluse within the confines of the (perpetually being redecorated?)Wayne Manor. Throw in the menacing stature and modulated voice of Bane (seriously his voice sounds like Darth Vader doing a Sean Connery impression), Batman’s new enemy, and you have the recipe for a class A blockbuster.


But what stuck out to me the most from last night’s screening, what is still resonating in my mind, is how much I truly love the movie culture. As corny as it may sound, seeing the Dark Knight Rises reminded me of that. It reminded me how much I enjoy and respect the amount of work and detail that goes into making a movie, regardless of its size, budget or mass appeal. But above all, it reminded me why I want to work in the entertainment industry in the first place. I love the energy that goes through a theatre when a movie is about to start. I love the idea of being part of a team of people who work so hard for years to make such amazing pieces of art like the Dark Knight  Rises. I want that to be part of my future.

On a more somber note, I would also ask that everyone keep the victims of the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting and their families in your prayers.


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