Be Patient & Be Happy

Amanda Cagan, of ABC Public Relations, came to the “Business of Hollywood” PR class last week to speak to us about her experience in the entertainment industry. Specifically, Amanda works in the music business, but the advice she gave can apply to any job in any industry. When asked is she had any words of advice to give to college students who are about to head into the real world she gave three “words of wisdom”.

First, be patient. What she meant by this is that, as young twenty-somethings just graduating college, we will more than likely not get our dream job the moment we enter the industry. We must be patient. We must take the “lesser” job where we wont be earning the “big paychecks”. We must work hard and wait it out; we must network and produce good material in order to move up and get the jobs that we have always dreamed of. It is achievable, as long as we are patient and willing to work hard to get there.

Second, work hard with a smile! The tasks that we will be handed as entry-level business executives will not always be tasks we really want to do. That being said, you should always approach each task with a smile and positive attitude because people are always watching (whether you realize it or not). The happier you are completing a boring task, the more likely you will be handed a more important task in the future. No task is too small to do well.

Third, work in an industry in which you will be happy. It is easiest to work hard with a smile on your face when you are working in a job where you are happy! You will likely approach a job with a positive attitude if you enjoy the environment that you are in. If you are working in an industry that you like – no matter what job you have – you can take something from each task that you complete and all of the people that surround you.

While we must be patient when it comes to getting the jobs we have always dreamed of, working in an industry that makes us happy will make those entry-level tasks more enjoyable. We will get there someday!

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