Interview with Mann

Last weekend, opportunity knocked on my doorstep (of my Oakwood apartment). My friend, roommate and fellow Elon in LAer Conor Ambrose runs a music blog and had the opportunity to interview a rapper from Los Angeles. Conor pooled the resources that Elon in LA has given him and had Will Simon and I shoot the interview with a two camera set up. The rapper’s name is Mann. You may have heard of his song “Buzzin'” featuring 50 Cent:

Conor handled the questions while Will and I shot the interview. Later that day, we went to a pool party (that was also Mann’s 21st birthday party) where Mann and other Los Angeles rappers performed on a rooftop.

This week, I cut together the interview and used the footage from the pool party as b-roll. The interview showcases Mann’s young and fun personality and also offers his opinions about other (more famous) Los Angeles rappers and producers he hopes to work with in the future. You can check out the video this week when it is posted to Conor’s blog, I’ll update this post when it happens, so make sure to keep up to date with the Elon in LA blog. EDIT: Check out the video below:

It was awesome to get another slice of life about LA and hopefully we will be shooting another video in the next two weeks for another rapper, named David Sabastian (you’re gonna want to get familiar with this guy).

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