Saddle Ranch Chop House

If you travel to the back of the Universal Studios City Walk (near the Universal globe) you will find the Saddle Ranch Chop House. Over the course of this summer I’ve been there twice, and they have some great food on the menu. They even have a two foot high cotton candy mountain as a dessert item. The restaurant has the feel of a western salon, equipped with several bars, two mechanical bulls, and little cowboy trinkets. Did I mention that they have mechanical bulls!?! Well just in case you missed it before, riding a mechanical bull is an extremely fun experience. My first time at Saddle Ranch, my “friends” told the manager that is was my birthday (it was not). The manager then went on to tell me that i just must ride the bull. After persuading myself and a few other “friends” to join me, we went to conquer the bull. Overall Saddle Ranch is a great dining experience, and you should check it out next time you’re at City Walk.

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