A Family Affair

Being home for only a week or two, I did not get much time to spend with my parents. In fact, I had only seen them maybe four weeks out of the entire school year that just passed. By some twist of fate, my dad was assigned work out here in July each week. Knowing that, I was relieved I would get to spend quality time with him. After he visited the first time, I wasn’t ready for him to leave so quickly. But I was more than happy the next time he would be back that my mom was making the trip out here as well. It was surreal to see them at my door to apartment M305, and that started one of the best weeks I have experienced here. It was full of time to catch up and show them where I live and what I have been doing. Knowing my mom, I knew she would be reliable to choose some awesome restaurants. She delivered. If you are looking for some great meals, each one of these places will absolutely satisfy your appetite. We dined at the Granville Cafe in Glendale, celebrity hotspot Fig & Olive on Melrose Place (we saw Stanley Tucci dining a few tables over from us), Mario Batali’s famous and incredibly delicious Pizzeria Mozza, and quaint and cute Off Vine.

Food aside, I enjoyed some more firsts with good old mom and dad. Sunday we enjoyed a good part of our day at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This flea market was like none other I had ever seen. Absolutely humongous. The flea market offers everything any shopper is looking for. Clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, food, knickknacks, and the list goes on and on. I was lucky to snag a vintage Dooney & Burke handbag that I absolutely fell in love with. This place is definitely a must for any avid shopper. Later in the week I scored tickets to the Chelsea Lately show taping. I have wanted to see her live since I began watching her show when it began. When my mom failed to get tickets before she got out here, I was more than happy to realize the tickets I requested were for one of my parents’ last days here. It was the perfect last day to spend with the two of them. With only two weeks left in LA I am sad to leave this place I love so much, but I can’t wait to get back and spend more time with the two responsible for my being here.

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