“Fistful of Rupees”

So I just got home from Malibu, but I don’t intend to post this tonight… ooh suspenseful! I’m actually going to wait until the short film “Fistful of Rupees” is released on YouTube, then you can all excitedly watch the work I’ve been doing this weekend!


**Ok well actually the short has NOT been released yet, but keep an eye out, and follow the links below because it will be released soon! I want to go ahead and post this because I want it to be on this blog!**

Short Background

Just before Spring Break I applied for an internship with TheGameStation from Maker Studios, which you should ALL know about since this is how a lot of artists are getting their careers started (so click on the links).  This was my first internship interview and my interviewer told me that they were probably going to find more qualified students since I was being considered for post production and editing of which I have little experience with. However, I do have My YouTube Channel (with NEWLY added content, as of last night!) which was extremely beneficial to me even with its minimal content. He told me they could definitely use me as an actor… so I contacted him a few weeks ago when I got to LA.

The Shoot

He turned out to be the director of this short film/web series, “Fistful of Rupees” which is… well see for yourself!  We filmed on location so I found myself in the beautiful Malibu mountains on an incredibly awesomely eccentric ranch.  I got to work with really great and welcoming people who taught me a lot on a live professional set, one of whom was a cast member of All That (WHAT?!).  When I was wrapped at the end of the shoot, the director welcomed me to work with him on a few more projects that he will be working on this summer.

Check out these production stills!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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